Are you tired of wasting time and money on Facebook ads that don’t yield results?

We provide you with an effective advertising strategy and help you write compelling ad copy and headlines. Ready to truly learn Facebook advertising?

Become a master of Facebook advertising

Increase conversions with an unbeatable strategy!

Welcome to our comprehensive course, “Become a master of Facebook advertising.”

Are you ready to discover the secrets of crafting enchanting and captivating advertising content that truly speaks to your target audience?

With the e-books and guides available, you can always refer back for tips and tricks, study the examples, and check settings.

The course is also hosted on a download page that gets updated when changes occur in Meta’s ad management.

What you get:

10 lessons (E-books) + Exercises + Guides



A guide on creating an effective landing page. (When ordered in 2023)

Course Highlights:

Crafting Magical Texts and Headlines:

Learn the art of creating advertising content that not only captures attention but also resonates deeply with your audience.


Step-by-Step Campaign Setup:

We’ll walk you through the setup of three essential campaigns: Traffic, Retargeting/Attention, and Sales, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the process.


Practical Examples:

Gain insights from real-world examples and case studies to see these strategies in action.


Clear Guides:

Our course materials include easy-to-follow guides that break down complex concepts into simple, actionable steps.

A solid foundation that provides confidence and profitability in your marketing.

All of this NOW at the launch price, only $57.

Customer feedback:

I have received help from Anneli to write texts and create a marketing strategy on Facebook. A total of 3 campaigns, traffic, retargeting, and sales. For me, marketing on Facebook has been something I thought others had to do for me, but it has led to significant expenses. I’ve tried to learn this myself but quickly lost motivation because it seemed too extensive and challenging.

Anneli’s course package has guided me step by step to become confident in marketing.

Many of us have fantastic products to sell, but it doesn’t help if we can’t showcase them.

Thank you so much, Anneli, for your dedicated way of teaching me this.”

Anne-Marit Andersen-Storenes, Feelgood Body & Mind Therapist and Counselor. Managing Director of Feelgood Lifestyle.

Feedback from customer

Description of the lessons!

Become a master of Facebook advertising

Lesson 1: Understand and Conquer the Dream Customer!

Before we can start writing texts that hit the mark, we must understand who the target audience is.

You will learn how to win over the customers you desire for your product or service.

  • In this lesson, we will dig deep to identify your dream customers.

Only when you understand what drives them forward and keeps them awake at night can you offer solutions they can’t say no to.

Bli en mester i Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 2: Words that Sell.

You need selling words to create ads that convert. With a deeper understanding of your dream customers in mind, we will harness the power of words.

  • You will learn how to choose the right words for your product and target audience that not only grab attention but also prompt them to take action.

Let your words become the wands that transform curious visitors into eager customers.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 3: Learn the Secret behind Unbeatable Ad Copy!

Magic happens when words turn into reality!

  • We will delve into the structure, tone, and techniques that make your ads irresistible to your dream customers.
  • You will learn to diversify your texts to reach more people and gain confidence in what you publish.

In this lesson, we will uncover the secrets of writing ad copy that exceeds all expectations.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 4: Headlines with the Wow Factor!

Headlines are the gateway to your text.

  • You will learn how to create headlines that not only capture attention but make readers say “Wow!”
  • You will become an expert at grabbing people’s attention from the very beginning.
  • You will discover the secret behind powerful headlines that not only engage but also inspire readers to read more of your content.

When you master the art of writing compelling headlines, you will increase click-through rates and conversions.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 5: Social Media Success!

Success on social media also depends on the right media format.

  • The goal is for you to be able to tailor your content precisely to achieve the desired effect.
  • You will learn about various image and video formats so that you never again feel unsure about sizes, video durations, or which type of media best suits your strategy.

We will strategically analyze platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, evaluate different target audiences, and see how they can be used to your advantage.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 6: Traffic Campaign!

In this lesson, we use traffic ads to test before investing in more expensive sales campaigns.

  • You will discover the tricks and settings that can make a significant difference in the success of your ads.
  • We will thoroughly go through the choice of settings, text, headlines, and media formats, all of which play a crucial role in your advertising strategy.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of writing persuasive ads, it’s time to explore how you can maximize their impact.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 7: Precision Shots!

So far, you’ve learned how to write texts that engage and persuade.

  • Now, we will take it a step further and teach you how to write precision shots – texts that hit the hearts of your “warm” fans.
  • We will delve into the depths of emotions and creativity to create texts that not only convert but also build strong connections with your audience.

To provide you with a complete understanding of how professional marketers evaluate text, we will also offer thorough assessments of the texts presented along the way.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 8: Retargeting Campaign.

Retargeting is like following the gold trail.

  • We know that warm customers have already shown interest, and now we will teach you how to reach them at the right time with the most effective messages.
  • This lesson will equip you with key tools to harness the power of retargeting and transform curious visitors into loyal customers.

This is the moment where you can unleash your creativity and courage to write texts, create videos, and choose images that stand out while encouraging action.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 9: Sales Campaign.

Sales ads are your weapon in the digital auction arena.

  • We will teach you how to set up sales campaigns that win the competition for the attention of potential customers.
  • This lesson will transform you into an auction master.

Does it sound strange that I’m using the word auction master? When you publish your sales campaign, it becomes part of a bidding strategy on Facebook where it competes for placement and visibility. To get your sales campaign off to a good start, it’s crucial to understand this competitive mechanism.

Become a master of facebook advertising

Lesson 10: Inspiration for Your Ads and Dream Customers!

In the final lesson, we delve into the art of finding inspiration in the world around us and using it to create something unique for our products, services, and dream customers.

  • Throughout this lesson, you will see how to go about creating your own personal expression through images and text.
  • You will learn how to draw inspiration from other ads within your field, thereby giving yourself the opportunity to stand out and shine a little brighter.

The most remarkable benefit of the art of writing is its ability to create a positive impact on individuals and communities.

BONUS: A Guide to Effective Landing Pages.

In our bonus lesson, you will learn how to create a converting landing page. The topics we cover include:

  • The goals and purpose of the landing page
  • Characteristics that define effective landing pages
  • The content on the landing page and why these elements are crucial
  • Templates for building a successful landing page
  • How to describe yourself and your business and how this text should be crafted on the landing page
  • Best practices for maximizing conversions

You will gain valuable insights into how to optimize your landing page to achieve your goals.


You will have access to a dedicated download page where all the products are available. The course is designed to remain relevant for a long time. To ensure this, I make sure that the lessons are updated when changes occur.

  • Are you wondering why I’ve created this page?

Things move quickly in the digital world! Changes happen almost constantly. The course is meant to stay current for a long time, and that requires me to ensure that the lessons are up to date!

All the lessons will be sent in the first email you receive, along with a link and password to the download page. I strongly recommend that you visit this page, as it provides you with an easy and organized way to access all the materials and updates in one place.

Tasks and Support!

You will receive tasks for each lesson, and the goal of the course is that when you have completed the tasks, you will have an effective advertising strategy.

  • The course consists of written e-books and guides filled with templates, illustrations, and thorough explanations.
  • Illustrations are crucial when configuring settings in ad management, and here you have the opportunity to revisit them if you ever feel unsure. It’s impossible to go wrong.

Since the course is brand new online, only previously conducted within companies I have worked with, I do not currently have a dedicated support page. However, you can email me at any time if you become unsure, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Who I Am!

My formal background includes a Master’s degree in Planning and Cultural Understanding and various further education in career guidance, such as Motivator, Leadership and Transition, NLP, Gestalt, Digital Marketing, Recruitment, and more.

My work experience spans both the private and public sectors, where I have held positions as a leader, career counselor, recruiter, and digital marketer. I have also published a book on motivation and job seeking through Hegnar forlag, written several e-books, and created multiple courses on motivation, career, and self-development.

The course you are considering now focuses on technical settings and how to reach your dream customers right in the heart. In other words, the content draws on understanding people, creativity, configuration, and, of course, the magical art of working wonders with words.

When we started this incredible marketing journey on Facebook

Why choose my course?

Choose to learn from me not just because I eventually obtained an education in digital marketing and work in marketing today, but because I’ve walked in your shoes.

  • I’ve trodden the challenging and frustrating path myself, where I had to learn everything through repeated attempts, trial and error, continuous learning, and new attempts.
  • I understand how small, overlooked details from the pros can lead to frustration and a sense of not mastering the subject. Since I started my journey by trying to get the right image sizes in Paint, I know exactly what it feels like to begin with limited knowledge.

That’s why I will do my very best through the lessons to ensure that the silent and often overlooked knowledge is shared – the knowledge that is taken for granted by those who already master this! The lessons are packed with content and guides, exactly what I missed the most when I started this journey in 2015.

Our goal is to empower even those without prior experience in Facebook advertising to set up three effective campaigns that drive conversions. By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to create ads that not only reach your target audience but also persuade them to take action.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Business owners looking to enhance their advertising strategies.
  • Marketers seeking to improve their ad copywriting skills.
  • Anyone interested in mastering the art of effective advertising on Facebook.

Join us on this journey to become a proficient advertiser and connect with your audience like never before. Our course is designed to make the world of Facebook advertising accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior experience.


Enroll today and embark on your path to becoming a skilled Facebook advertiser who can craft magical ads that convert!

Still unsure?

Shoot me an email with your questions! Maybe you’re concerned that there will be many more things that cost money and that you’ll get caught in a “sales loop.” That won’t happen. When I send emails to those on the list, I almost always make sure they receive something for free as well. It could be a design, an e-book, or something else that can help you develop in your practice as a course instructor, coach, or personally.

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