4 E-books: NLP Techniques og Meditation. (In English)

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In this package, you will receive two e-books: one on NLP techniques (124 pages) and another on meditation and manifestation (48 pages). These e-books provide a comprehensive guide on how to manifest various aspects of your life, from wealth to love.

To excel in coaching, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of both the foundational coaching methodology and the techniques of NLP. You will learn valuable techniques, including mental repetition, swish, mirroring rapport, anchoring, and more. These skills are crucial for achieving success in coaching.

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To succeed in coaching, you need both the fundamental coaching methodology and the techniques of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). In this e-book, I provide an introduction to NLP techniques, and you will become familiar with mental repetition, swish, mirroring rapport, anchoring, and more.

I often like to say that NLP techniques are the spice in a coaching conversation, and they are essential for creating success. The world’s most famous motivational gurus and coaches today use NLP in their practice.

In this package, you also receive 3 e-books about meditation and manifestation. (Merditation, Manifestationg and Manifestation Extra)

Both components are somewhat interconnected and are intended to help you achieve what you desire, whether it’s goals or a better life. I describe how you can actually meditate to move forward. This method is used for everything from manifesting money to love!


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