Become a Master of Facebook Advertising – From Dream Customer to Sales Success!

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In the course, you will learn how to write magical texts and headlines that resonate with your target audience right in the heart. You will also learn step by step how to set up crucial campaigns; Traffic, Retargeting/Awareness, and Sales. The course is structured with e-books, numerous practical examples, and clear guides.

The goal is to enable even those without prior experience in Facebook advertising to set up three effective campaigns that convert.

57 USD


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In this course series, you will learn how to write magical texts that resonate with your target audience right in the heart.

You will also learn to master Facebook’s ad management and acquire a unique and effective ad strategy that will lead to the success of your ads!

  • Lesson 1: Understand and conquer your dream customer
  • Lesson 2: Words that sell; create strong converting ads
  • Lesson 3: Learn the secret behind unbeatable ad texts
  • Lesson 4: Masterful headlines with the Wow factor!
  • Lesson 5: Social media success with the right media format
  • Lesson 6: Traffic Campaign; Test Before You Invest. Tricks and Success Settings
  • Lesson 7: Precision shots: Write Texts That Hit the Heart
  • Lesson 8: Retargeting: Positive Revival! Maximizing Conversions
  • Lesson 9: Sales ads that win the auction!
  • Lesson 10: Inspiration, creativity, and the secret to success on social media.

In addition, you will receive the following guides and e-books:

Tasks What is unique about the ad strategy Custom column list Guided configurations for three campaigns, campaign, ad set, and ad. Learn to create a landing page that converts. Ad strategy

The lessons total 520 pages.


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