The Ultimate Coaching-Package! (English version)

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This is a content-rich package consisting of a total of 8 E-books (735 pages) and 700 quote images.

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It’s an exciting and content-rich package you’ll receive, which includes:

  • E-book 1: Learn Coaching – 83 pages (GROW Model)
  • E-book 2: Meditation – 47 pages
  • E-book 3: NLP Techniques – 124 pages
  • E-Book 4: Design Your Life – Brain Reprogramming – 127 pages
  • E-Book 5: Manifestation – 48 pages Manifestation Additional Notes – 67 pages
  • E-Book 6: Coaching Tools – 196 pages
  • E-Book 7: Desire Paradigm – 54 pages
  • Workbook: Coaching Questions Divided into Four Phases – 36 pages

A total of 735 pages with text and illustrations.

700 JPG (Quote Images): For use on social media, Facebook, or your website.

Life Quotes

  • 50 Self-Insight Quotes –
  • 50 Booster Quotes –
  • 56 Law of Attraction Quotes – 53 Encouragement Quotes – 50 Motivational Quotes – 51 Reflection Questions – 51 Goal Setting Quotes – 52 Positive Quotes – 50 Courage Quotes – 49 Funny Quotes – 48 Self-Confidence Quotes – 50 Action Quotes – 50 Success Quotes – 40


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LICENSE – Copyright:

The product you have purchased is for your personal use. You cannot resell the designs or modify them slightly and then resell them. I own the rights to many of the images, and some images were purchased from Adobe. Anneli//Ayla Nordic owns the rights to the designs.

You are allowed to:

  • Use the quotes on your own designs.
  • Use them on your Facebook, Instagram account, website, and other social platforms as much as you like.
  • Use the designs for your business.
  • Use them in your marketing, webinars, blogs, courses, training, website, etc.
  • Add your own logo to the images.
  • Give them to your clients, friends, and family.

If you are unsure, you can send me an email at:

I am usually very eager to assist you:)

Good luck,

Anneli//Ayla Nordic”


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