Have you ever wished for the tools and methods that truly deliver results in achieving goals and creating real change? 

Our coaching package is created with you in mind, designed to maximize your ability to help yourself and others.

Are you ready to create the life you desire?

Raise yourself to new heights with our powerful coaching package!

8 E-books in Norwegian: Total of 735 pages. (All e-books can also be ordered in Norwegian.)

700  quote images grouped by theme. (Link to Canva and/or Google Drive). You can use all the content in your own practice, on social media, and on your website. Feel free to upload them to Canva and add your own logo to the images. 

It is a key to personal growth and development!


What you get:

Tools that truly work.

A methodology that produces results.

The opportunity to achieve new goals.

Personal development at your own pace.

A highly comprehensive foundation if you work as a coach.

All of this, for only 57 US or 599 NOK


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E-Book 1: The Paradigm of Desire!

You will learn how to map out your own or your client’s core needs, so you can truly contribute to establishing powerful motivational drivers. Additionally, you will learn what lies behind choices and decisions, how your inner desires and values play a crucial role in your life, and what propels you or your seeker to take action. We explore needs such as immediate gratification, control, recognition, security, self-realization, belonging, love, feeling valued, and how to become a skilled coach. In total, 54 pages.


E-Book 2: Manifestation!

The manifestation technique you learn is the same technique used by Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey, as well as many other world-renowned motivational gurus. The book unveils the secret behind manifestation and how you can unlock your own manifestation power. We address the common obstacles to manifesting prosperity, and you’ll receive a variety of concrete exercises along the way to help you succeed. And these techniques can easily be applied to other important life needs, such as love. In total, 114 pages.

E-Book 3: Learn Coaching!

You will learn all the phases of a coaching process, the structure, what questions to ask in each phase, and how to help your seeker see the challenges in a new light. In the book, we go through the structure of the phases, goal setting, current situation, opportunities, and the way forward. The GROW model is presented, considered to be one of the most fundamental coaching models out there. You also receive a template that you can use to appear professional and organized, enabling you to conduct a process with the power to create change and development. 83 pages in total.

E-Book 4: NLP Techniques

In order to inspire your client and truly achieve breakthroughs, NLP techniques are both intriguing, enjoyable, and engaging for both you as a coach and the seeker. When you utilize them, you significantly enhance the quality of your conversations. The techniques you learn here include Anchoring, Modeling, Mirroring, Rapport, Swish, Mental Rehearsal, Reframing, Pattern Recognition, Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Systems, Calibration, Eye Movement Patterns, Incantation, Meta-Model, and Internal and External Reference. The e-book is 124 pages long.

E-Book 5: Meditation!

Willpower and motivation can easily fluctuate in most of us. Additionally, we are easily influenced by others’ goals and desires for what we should do with our lives. When you meditate, you gain more power towards your own goals and become more adept at visualizing what you desire. Perfect for destressing so that you can actually hear your own thoughts and tap into your own intuition. You gain a stronger will and much greater execution power to succeed with your own goals. The e-book is 47 pages long.


E-Book 6: Coachingtools!

An exciting content with various exercises such as the dream list, purpose and joy of life, the life wheel well explained, self-esteem test, personality profile, self-esteem checklist, and more. The content will give you that ‘extra something’ when choosing what’s best for your seeker. Additionally, it becomes really enjoyable for you to go through it all yourself. You learn incredibly much about yourself and may even have a surprise along the way. The life wheel is explained thoroughly, and you’re presented with an intriguing model where you need to bridge the gap between the current situation and the desired state. In total, 196 pages.

E-Book 7: Design your life!

In the e-book ‘Design Your Life,’ we dive deeper and explore topics such as self-sabotage and plateaus, brain reprogramming, and various techniques you can use to make your brain collaborate better with you and move you faster toward your goals. You’ll learn how to create new ‘auto-pilots’ and thought maps that your brain can follow. One chapter also addresses overthinking and how it can hinder your further development. The book is interesting and enriching and will provide you with a lot. In total, 127 pages.


E-Book 8: Coaching Questions!

The questions you receive are divided into the different phases of the coaching methodology. For new coaches, they are absolutely essential, and for mentors who have been at it for a while, the questions can expand their repertoire. Additionally, you’ll receive a variation of the questions that can be asked in an employee appraisal conversation. Feel free to try to answer the questions yourself and write down your responses! In total, 36 pages.

Download Page

You will gain access to a dedicated download page where all the products are located. The page will be regularly updated with additional notes, videos, and small surprises!

Wondering why I’ve created the page? All the e-books will be sent in the first email you receive, along with the link and password to the download page. The challenge lies in the quote images. The files are large, and even though they are hosted on Google Drive, many people struggle with downloading everything. Now, everything is in one place. This reduces stress and provides ample time to get acquainted with the books and designs.

Extra Bonus: 700 Quote Images!

It’s a true joy to share this collection of 700 images adorned with thought-provoking quotes. Words that come from well-known individuals like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Buddha, and many more. What makes the collection special is that I’ve taken some of the photos myself, so you can share something unique that isn’t available everywhere else. The images and quotes are created with love, time, and great effort, and they are available in JPG format with dimensions of 2000×2000 pixels. Let the images inspire and enrich you

You learn to overcome challenges in life and career!

Working as a coach or utilizing coaching methodology for your own personal development and progress strengthens your opportunities. The coaching package provides you with the tools you need to succeed in your life, and the benefits are incredibly numerous. Read about what the knowledge in the e-books can do for you here:

What the knowledge can mean for you!

An investment in personal growth and development

The coaching package, consisting of 8 e-books and 700 quote images, represents an investment in personal growth and development that can hold significant meaning for you. Here’s a glimpse of what you can anticipate achieving:

  • Meditation and Manifestation: You will acquire valuable techniques for attaining inner peace, mental clarity, and the ability to manifest your desired goals and dreams. (156 pages)

  • Brain Reprogramming: By comprehending the principles of brain function and mastering reprogramming techniques, you can break free from old habits and instigate positive changes in your life. (127 pages)

  • Fundamental Coaching: You will gain insights into the foundational principles of coaching, including how to assist yourself and others in setting and accomplishing goals, enhancing communication, and resolving problems. You’ll find several hundred coaching questions meticulously categorized into four distinct phases. (119 pages)

  • Coachingquestions: Coaching is all about the right questions. In this e-book, you will receive the correct way of asking questions, so that your reflections become powerful and new thoughts can emerge.
  • NLP Techniques: Through the utilization of NLP techniques, you can acquire the means to enhance your own cognitive processes, refine your communication aptitude, and elevate your interpersonal skills. (124 pages)
  • Coaching Tools: You will have access to a diverse array of tools and a reservoir of probing inquiries, all designed to facilitate your own personal development journey and that of others, guiding them towards their goals and desired transformations. (196 pages)

  • Paradigm of Desire: This component furnishes an in-depth understanding of how desires and aspirations exert influence on your life and the lives of those you guide, empowering you with the insight needed to achieve both success and contentment. (54 pages)

  • Social Media Designs: With a collection of 700 meticulously crafted designs tailored for social media, you can effortlessly disseminate inspirational quotes and messages, thereby motivating and engaging your audience.


In sum, the coaching package equips you with knowledge, expertise, and a wealth of resources capable of catalyzing a profound transformation in your life. It not only enables you to surmount challenges but also enhances your capacity to assist others, making it a valuable investment in both personal and professional growth.

About the author: Anneli Brannfjell

My purpose is to empower individuals to flourish in both their personal and professional journeys by sharing invaluable knowledge. This commitment is my unwavering mission. While I derive immense satisfaction from my roles in career guidance and as a course instructor, it is when I meld these passions into the fabric of design and writing that I become utterly captivated in my own enchanting realm.


  • In terms of my formal background, I hold a master’s degree in planning and cultural understanding, complemented by an array of further educational pursuits in areas such as career guidance, motivation, leadership, organizational restructuring, NLP, Gestalt psychology, digital marketing, and more.
  • My professional experience spans both the private and public sectors, where I have served in various capacities, including leadership roles, career advising, and recruitment. Additionally, I have authored a book on motivation and job searching in collaboration with Hegnar Publishing, produced numerous e-books, and developed multiple courses on motivation, career advancement, and self-development.


What defines me is an unwavering passion for knowledge, an innate ability to discern the positive aspects in most situations, and a profound capacity for manifesting positive outcomes—a trait that has been with me since childhood.

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When you want to help a friend!


When your intention is to assist a friend, family member, or colleague, the coaching package offers you a robust foundation.

The methodology you will acquire is widely employed by coaches and career advisors globally. Rooted in the GROW methodology and enriched by the dynamic and potent tools of NLP techniques, as well as the principles of the Law of Attraction mindset, you can accomplish a great deal.

Are you a leader or responsible for ensuring that others thrive and do well?

As a leader, the coaching package is exceptionally well-suited for your needs. It will furnish you with a structured approach to conducting employee meetings, rendering them both lucid and professional. Moreover, it will provide you with an effective means to discern your employees’ strengths and interests. Most significantly, it will equip you with valuable insights into motivation and arm you with tools that can be deployed to cultivate an engaged and enthusiastic workforce, fostering a genuine love for their jobs.



Self-coaching has emerged as a prevalent trend. Many individuals have come to recognize their personal responsibility for their lives and personal growth, understanding the need for specific techniques to self-assist, both in their professional and personal spheres.


Self-coaching entails guiding oneself through a process to attain one’s professional or personal objectives. Instead of relying on a coach for support and guidance, you must navigate this journey independently. In our fast-paced world, the ability to self-transform is of paramount importance, and its significance seems poised to grow even further in the future


Numerous individuals aspire to bring about positive changes in their lives but often encounter challenges in implementation. Within the coaching package, you will discover essential tools, particularly insightful questions, that will empower you to become highly proficient in effecting transformative shifts in your relationships, career, and overall life trajectory.


It’s imperative to approach this endeavor with seriousness and methodical progression, and rest assured, the results will materialize swiftly. You are presented with potent resources here, and the coaching package offers a comprehensive framework for achieving substantial, tangible changes.


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I look forward to welcoming you on the inside.


Warm regards and profound gratitude,


Anneli Brannfjell//Ayla Nordic


The coaching package gives you a flying start to change both your own and others' lives!

Curious about the motivation behind creating the coaching package? My aim is to assist others in attaining heightened motivation and greater life success. Increased success and an elevated quality of life are within reach for everyone and can be relatively straightforward to achieve with the right knowledge and tools.


A coaching package as comprehensive as this one is designed to precisely facilitate that. In addition to self-guided resources, I also recommend considering the benefits of engaging a professional coach. They often possess a unique perspective that can shed light on aspects you may overlook when working on self-improvement. After all, we all benefit from a bit of support along our personal journeys.