50 Designs With Life Quotes!

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Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to share on Facebook and Instagram. The designs with life quotes can help you when creativity is low. Download 50 designs with quotes, so you always have something available to publish. At the same time, the quotes can be thought-provoking and inspiring for your followers.


Sometimes it’s thought-provoking to read different reflections on life. Here, I have created 50 designs with life quotes. You can download them to your computer and use them on Social Media. This way, you save both time and mental effort while also adding value to your followers.

The quotes are written in English and in size 2000×2000 pixels.

If you want me to create personalized greeting cards, thank-you cards, invitations, or anything else, you can send an email to: anneli@aylanordic.no


Watch the video to see all the designs with life quotes!


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